Initiating The Project!

Project is a temporary endeavour. Project Initiator i.e Sponsor gives an Authority and Knowledge to a Project Manager. The document that gives the authority and knowledge to PM is known as a Project Charter. Charter also seeks commitment of keey stakeholders towards Project. A project is a joint achievement of all the stakeholders involved and hence identifying and engaging stakeholders is also an important activity.

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Course Access : 3 Days
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What you'll Get

  • Template to define the project charter
  • Tips to validate the project deifnition
  • Tips for creating Stakeholder Radar
  • Quizzes to assess the learning



List of sessions:

  1. Why and Whether to do the Project!
  2. By-For-Of the People!
  3. Homework of the project! It matters!

Learning Objectives of the sessions:

At the end of the session Participants shall be able to:

  • Understand the purpose of “Charter” with the help video
  • Draft the Charter for Bhuvan with help of case study and video
  • List at least 5 stakeholders with the help of video
  • Prepare stakeholder Radar for the identified stakeholders with the help of case study.

Learning & facilitation methodologies of the sessions:

The basic methodology used would be regular – rhythmic sessions on project management. These sessions would involve

  • Lecture and theory and conversations
  • Self-work: reading, study & practice with implementation.
  • Videos/Audios
  • Interview listening / Interviewing
  • Experiencing through real life project sharing
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