The Bhagwadgeeta - Confusion To Conviction!

The leader needs to use all techniques of communication, different emotions, probing questions, soothing yet intriguing answers. This course is specifically developed to make the participant experience the beauty of the dialogue between Krushna & Arjuna in the Bhagwadgeeta. It elaborates the 6 reasons, Arjuna’s 9 types of questions and Krushna’s equally responsive answers to them that made the dialogue collaborative.

Course Access : 33 Days
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Course Access : 33 Days
Certification : Yes
Instructors : 1
Duration : 12 Hours
Test : 10
Languages : English

What you'll Get

  • 10 live interactive sessions
  • Access to course through DGEdutainment Learning Portal (LMS)
  • Audio recordings
  • Reference notes
  • Certificate of participation
  • 13 PDUs can be claimed by PMI Certified members
  • Lucid & simple explanations by DG


  • Drive for learning
  • Drive to reduce the inefficiency in communication
  • Willingness to make use of Bhagwadgeeta for making life simple, beautiful.
  • Open mindset


At the end of this course, the participants shall be able to ...

  1. Define the objective of work clearly.
  2. Define the quality criteria of the work clearly
  3. Identify the impact of the work on the environment
  4. Identify the impact of not following the processes
  5. List the stakeholders with their interest
  6. Determine the connect of the work to stakeholders including self
  7. Maintain the balance attitude towards stakeholders
  8. Identify at least two motivation factors in line with the resource skill and will.
  9. Appreciate the timely communication with the key resources
  10. Remain emotionally unattached to the work and its impact
  11. Articulate the lessons learnt in the past work
  12. Reduce the procrastinating thoughts

In this journey,

We will …

1. enjoy it as a collaborative-dialogue
2. implement at least one technique from it
3. appreciate the rally of questions & answers
4. go on a tour of the Bhagwadgeeta.

We will NOT …

1. teach reciting verse by verse!
2. mug-up by-heart
3. get engaged in philosophical rhetoric
4. decompose it as intellectual or devotional

It is NOT necessary to …

1. know Bhagwadgeeta by-heart
2. be able to chant
3. know Sanskrut language

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