Collaborative Excellence - Exploiting Competencies

Managing people & projects in an ever-changing environment is simple, sincere, and dedicated efforts to bring in the visibility & predictability, in an endeavour, (in ANY field, function, domain, and industry) performed in the ever-changing environment for the benefit of the stakeholders’ community - Dhananjay Gokhale. This course helps in experiencing the above phenomenon and to improve the competencies.

Course Access : 21 Days
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Course Access : 21 Days
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Duration : 12 Hours
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Languages : English

What you'll Get

  • Tips to identify the noise in communication
  • Techniques to reduce the noise in communication
  • Systematic approach to articulate the uncertainties
  • Techniques to present risk register to engage the stakeholders
  • RADAR technique to focus on stakeholders



This course involves following modules

CE 1: A step towards Noiseless Communication: This competency enables the individual to communicate noiselessly in a variety of situations and with different audiences

CE2: Stakeholder relationship and engagement: This competency enables the individual to build and maintain relationships with stakeholders. It also enables the individual to understand that the ability to engage with others is a precondition for collaboration, commitment, and ultimately the performance.

CE3: Negotiation: This competency enables the individual to reach satisfactory agreements with others by using negotiation techniques.

CE4: Managing Risks: This competency enables the individual to develop the habit of anticipation. It also provides an opportunity to learn & practice identification, articulation, analysis and responses.

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